Don’t Know When We’ll Move Back to Our Flat: Ghaziabad Resident

Don’t Know When We’ll Move Back to Our Flat: Ghaziabad Resident

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On 26 July, the rain gods unleashed their fury on NCR and paralysed the city. In Ghaziabad's sector 4 of Vasundhara Colony, a huge hole appeared as the road caved in, outside Vartalok Apartment in Pragya Kunj society. No casualties were reported but the residents were asked to evacuate their houses.

Around 48 residents have moved out of their house fearing for their lives.

They have moved to their friends’ houses, hotels, to their relatives’ place. I’ve also moved out, to my friend’s place.
Nargis, Resident 

But this is not the first time that such an incident has happened. In 2012, a part of the road had slightly caved in.

The year I came, even then half of the road had slightly caved in. That time, the residents and other people got together and fixed the damaged road. If at that time only the government or the authorities had done their job properly, then today, such a situation wouldn’t have arisen.
Madhusudan Sharma, Resident

The residents don’t know when they can move back to their building.

The authorities will conduct a soil test to check the strength and durability of our building. When will they get it done? Who knows.
Madhusudan Sharma, Resident

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