Humsafar Express: Timetable, Routes, Fare

Ticket fares for Humsafar express are a bit higher than passenger train tickets operating on the same route.

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Humsafar Express was launched by the Indian Railways in 2016. The first train operated between Gorakhpur and Anand Vihar Terminal, New Delhi on 16 December 2016 and since then many trains have been added to 'Humsafar Express' lineup, connecting cities across India.

Humsafar Express is a premium, high speed train which comes with modern facilities. Earlier, all coaches in Humsafar express trains were AC 3-tier coaches. But later in the year 2019, Indian Railways decided to add sleeper coaches to the train as well, reported Livemint.

Other than that, Humsafar Express coaches have features like laptop charging points, reading lights, mini pantries, curtains for privacy, vending machines, etc. Ticket fares are a bit higher than those of other passenger train operating on the same route.

In this article, we have curated the details of all Humsafar Express trains running across the country.


Humsafar Express Timetable

NameStart StationStart TimeEnd StationEnd TimeDistance
BDTS SHC Humsafr (22913)BANDRA TERMINUS12:55SAHARSA JN03:552064 kms
SC Duronto Express (22203)VISAKHAPATNAM19:45SECUNDERABAD JN06:15699 kms
MAS Duronto Express (22206)MADURAI JN22:45MGR CHENNAI CTL07:20559 kms
BDTS Humsafar (22914)SAHARSA JN16:45BANDRA TERMINUS07:352064 kms
RAJ Humsafar Express (22985)UDAIPUR CITY23:30DELHI S ROHILLA12:15736 kms
RAJ Hamsafar Express (22986)DELHI S ROHILLA16:15UDAIPUR CITY04:45736 kms
GKP Humsfar (12572)ANAND VIHAR TRM20:00GORAKHPUR JN09:35838 kms
ANVT Humsafar (12571)GORAKHPUR JN18:45ANAND VIHAR TRM08:50838 kms
BNC Premium Special (02353)Patna Jn13:45Bangalore Cant09:152706 kms
ADI MAS Humsafar (22920)AHMEDABAD JN15:25MGR CHENNAI CTL22:351723 kms
MAS ADI Humsafar (22919)MGR CHENNAI CTL20:30AHMEDABAD JN03:151723 kms
Champaran Humsfr (15705)KATIHAR JN06:00DELHI11:501474 kms
BBS Humsafar (22834)KRISHNARAJAPURM16:05BHUBANESWAR18:051501 kms
TBM Humsafr (14815)BHAGAT KI KOTHI16:10TAMBARAM10:402503 kms
Champaran Hmsfr (15706)DELHI13:45KATIHAR JN19:201474 kms
GIMB Humsafar (19423)TIRUNELVELI07:45GANDHIDHAM BG04:302708 kms
TPTY Humsafar (22706)JAMMU TAWI05:30TIRUPATI11:252983 kms
JAT Humsafar Superfast (22705)TIRUPATI17:55JAMMU TAWI21:102989 kms
TEN Humsafar (19424)GANDHIDHAM BG14:00TIRUNELVELI11:302708 kms
UDZ Humsafar Express (19668)MYSURU JN10:00UDAIPUR CITY04:552267 kms
MYS Humsafar Express (19667)UDAIPUR CITY21:10MYSURU JN16:262267 kms
Humsafar Express (22888)YESVANTPUR JN09:55HOWRAH JN18:301959 kms
Humsafar Express (22887)HOWRAH JN12:40YESVANTPUR JN21:351959 kms
KCVL Humsafar (16320)BANASWADI19:00KOCHUVELI09:05845 kms
Humsafar Express (22833)BHUBANESWAR12:00KRISHNARAJAPURM13:001520 kms
DURG Humsafar (22868)H NIZAMUDDIN08:25DURG06:301275 kms
Humsafar Express (22867)DURG10:55H NIZAMUDDIN06:101277 kms
SGNR Humsafar Superfast (22498)TIRUCHCHIRAPALI04:45SHRI GANGANAGAR13:253123 kms
HWH Humsafar Superfast (20890)TIRUPATI16:10HOWRAH JN18:301617 kms
ANVT Humsafar (12595)GORAKHPUR JN20:00ANAND VIHAR TRM08:50771 kms
GKP Humsafar (12596)ANAND VIHAR TRM20:00GORAKHPUR JN07:50771 kms
BGKT Humsafar (14816)TAMBARAM19:15BHAGAT KI KOTHI19:102512 kms
BGKT Humsafar (19043)BANDRA TERMINUS21:40BHAGAT KI KOTHI14:45931 kms
Humsafar Express (22317)SEALDAH13:10JAMMU TAWI23:301945 kms
Humsafar Superfast (22318)JAMMU TAWI07:25SEALDAH18:051938 kms
PURI Humsafar (19317)INDORE JN BG13:20PURI20:051603 kms
LPI INDB Humsafr (19315)LINGAMPALLI21:20INDORE JN BG01:351543 kms
INDB Humsafar Express (19318)PURI23:55INDORE JN BG11:251608 kms
AGTL Humsafar (12503)BENGALURU CANT10:15AGARTALA03:453534 kms
BNC Humsafar (12504)AGARTALA05:15BENGALURU CANT21:153534 kms
Humsafar Express (20889)HOWRAH JN12:40TIRUPATI14:451617 kms
PUNE SRC Humsafr (20821)PUNE JN10:30SANTRAGACHI JN18:152064 kms
Humsafar Express (20822)SANTRAGACHI JN18:25PUNE JN02:452064 kms
JBP SRC Humsafr (20827)JABALPUR21:20SANTRAGACHI JN16:451120 kms
Humsafar Express (20828)SANTRAGACHI JN20:25JABALPUR15:551120 kms
TPJ Humsafar Superfast (22497)SHRI GANGANAGAR02:00TIRUCHCHIRAPALI11:203123 kms
BDTS Humsafar (19044)BHAGAT KI KOTHI16:30BANDRA TERMINUS09:20931 kms
ANVT Humsafar (22437)PRAYAGRAJ JN.22:20ANAND VIHAR TRM06:05621 kms
Ald Humsafar (22438)ANAND VIHAR TRM22:20PRAYAGRAJ JN.06:20621 kms
BAND Humsafar (16319)KOCHUVELI18:05BANASWADI10:45845 kms
AJNI Humsafar Express (22139)PUNE JN22:00AJNI13:15886 kms
PUNE Humsafar (22140)AJNI19:50PUNE JN11:45886 kms

Humsafar Express Fare

Humsafar Express trains are a series of premium trains running on various routes. The fare for the same depends on the route of the train and the class you want to travel in. It has two types of coaches- 3AC and Sleeper (SL). For updated fare details, passengers can check IRCTC's official website or application.


Humsafar Express Route

Humsafar Express trains operates on various routes, connecting major cities across India. For complete information on train routes, passengers can visit: or download the NTES app.

Humsafar Express: How to Book Tickets

Tickets for the Humsafar Express can be booked just as tickets are booked for any other Indian train. Passengers can book it from IRCTC's official website or visit any railway reservation counter in India.

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