How Kids and Their Hunger to Do More Is Breaking the Internet
How Kids and Their Hunger to Do More Is Breaking the Internet

How Kids and Their Hunger to Do More Is Breaking the Internet

It’s a known thing that children have infinite potential and today, it’s this very quality of theirs that is breaking the internet. We’re talking about the Passion Paathshaala video by Horlicks that’s going viral for all the right reasons and is winning hearts all over.

It came out last month and has received an astounding response. It’s being talked about, blogged about and widely shared in private groups. That explains why it has clocked in 22 million views on Facebook and counting.

There is something immensely likeable and relatable about the video. It effortlessly manages to get across an important message. For me, the high point was when the parents learn of their kids’ hunger to do more and their multiple passions. That look of pride on their faces says it all. One big reason for the video’s virality is that it has managed to cut across age groups. It’s being loved by parents and kids in equal measure.

The video became a talking point online and received all-round praise from the media too. Here’s what the Hindu had to say: “Through Passion Paathshala, Horlicks aims to help kids explore their talents and help them pursue what they are good at.”

Firstpost is quoted as saying: “The video subtly highlights the fact that the kids of today have a voracious appetite for being experts in many things, not just one.”

Should you need any more proof of the video’s exceptional performance, then let’s tell you that it has touched a chord with mums and sparked conversations on parenting forums. Now, for a video that talks about kids and their hunger to do more, getting a thumbs-up from mums is the ultimate badge of honour. Here’s what they have written about the video in their blogs:

“That as parents, we need to encourage the hunger to do more in our kids. That one talent does not have to define them. Kids want to explore every possibility without being defined by one passion.” - Shruti Acharya (Artsy Craftsy Mom)

“The video has helped assert the fact in my mind that today’s kids defy the general presumptions that they could pursue only a single passion. They are ever so hungry to learn new activities that there is no stopping them. They might have a specific talent, but they don’t want to be tied down to a singular activity.” - Anupriya Kapur (Mom On The Run)

Prominent celebrities like Ayushmann Khurrana, Riteish Deshmukh and Lakshmi Manchu have also lauded and talked about this initiative by Horlicks.

Aside from the fact that it went viral, what this video has managed to do is quite unprecedented. It has got everyone talking about children’s ability to pursue different passions and excel at them. In many ways, the video’s impact transcended the online world and found its way into real-life conversations. And this is where lies its biggest success!

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