Why Arjun Red-dy is not Red Anymore!

No more after-shave redness and skin irritation.

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A lot men have sensitive skin.

Let’s tell you the story of one Arjun Reddy. Umm, no he’s not the Arjun Reddy you saw on the big screen some time back. The Arjun we’re talking about is your quintessential Mumbai boy. He’s quite the charmer and a hit with girls. He’s the family ka laadla and the life of every party. We can go on and on about Arjun, but there’s one little, quirky life-changing incident we’d like to share with you about him. Read on.

Arjun was popular for his ‘blushing face’. You might be thinking it was because girls used to go crazy after his well-groomed avatar, making him blush. Nope, that wasn’t the case. Anger management issues like his on-screen counterpart, maybe? Nah, not even that. Then what exactly was it about? Well, here’s the thing. The RED was because of Arjun’s sensitive skin. As a result, each time he used the razor, he used to experience redness accompanied by skin irritation and razor bumps.

On the left is our man Arjun Reddy, and to the right is his on-screen counterpart.
On the left is our man Arjun Reddy, and to the right is his on-screen counterpart.
(Photo: iStock, YouTube)

After a point, the redness became embarrassing, so much so that there were times when he used to apply foam on his face, but was scared to shave after that. Arjun realised he wasn’t alone in this, and a lot of men like him had sensitive skin. They too experienced after-shave redness and razor burns. He gathered courage and spoke to his friends about his problem, and then one day, something life-changing happened. One of his friends asked him to try out this new razor. Arjun did exactly that and for the first time in years, he enjoyed a smooth shave without experiencing any redness or discomfort. His life had indeed changed and how!

Skin sensitivity is quite common and contrary to what a lot of people think shaving should be a routine for those with sensitive skin as it helps you get rid of dead skin and keeps you fresh.

Top celebrity hairstylist Aalim Hakim says, “It makes a lot of sense to shave on sensitive skin as it’s a hygienic practice that exfoliates all the dead skin and unclogs your pores. I keep giving this advice to all my customers that fear shaving.”

Now, you might be wondering as to what was the razor that Arjun had used. *Drumroll* It was the Gillette SkinGuard. This skin-friendly razor barely touches your skin.

#NoMoreFOAMO: Arjun is a happy mannow!
#NoMoreFOAMO: Arjun is a happy mannow!
This razor has a revolutionary SkinGuard that shaves hair while barely touching your skin. It also has 2 lubrastrips that leave your skin feeling smooth and soft.

Arjun is now a happy man. The only time he goes all red now is when he’s blushing for real, thanks to all the female attention he keeps getting. So all you men out there, say hello to Gillette #SkinGuard. #NoMoreFOAMO, as it promises to be your #SkinKaGuardian.

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