Air India aircraft. (Photo: Reuters)
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Air India Is Again the World’s Third-Worst Performing Airline

When one travels by air, a lot of money is shelled out to travel comfortably. And if it’s a long-haul flight, it’s imperative a person should get their money’s worth. And Air India figures to be the third-worst airline in 2016, according to a report by Bloomberg.

Cabin quality, service are just some of the factors to consider apart from how likely to get delayed an airline is. With the wrong airline the odds of getting delayed is at 55 per cent as opposed to 11 per cent with the right airline.

Aviation insights company FlightStats put together a list of international airlines on the basis of best on-time performance records.

(Photo: Akriti Paracer/The Quint)
(Photo: Akriti Paracer/The Quint)

(Photo: Akriti Paracer/The Quint)
(Photo: Akriti Paracer/The Quint)

According to the VP of FlightStats, Jim Hetzel, the compilation of the list was not simple as the only comparable resource is the monthly report that the US Department of Transportation puts out for the major domestic carriers, taken from the self-reported data from the biggest carriers of the US and not factoring in their international flights.

We stitch data together from 500 different sources.

Those sources include flight-tracking and positional sources, airport runway times, radar services, airline records, and airport data.

All of these pieces come in different formats, all with different elements of value, and a lot of times the sources don’t agree.

Air India Maintains Spot

This is not the first time that Air India has figured on the list of worst performers. In 2013, Hamburg-based Jet Airliner Crash Data Evaluation Centre (JACDEC) had published a study in which Air India was placed 58th out of 60 airlines evaluated, as had been reported by Business Today.

Their report was on ranking airlines on their safety and the two airlines figuring below Air India were China Airlines and TAM Airlines.