Farhana Shah, Ajmal Kasab’s lawyer. (Photo: The Quint)
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Exclusive: This 26/11, Meet the Lawyers Who Defend Terror Accused

Ajmal Kasab was the only terrorist tried for the massacre of 164 people during the 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks. He was sentenced to death. Farhana Shah was one of the lawyers who defended him in the Bombay High Court.

She’s one of many lawyers across the country defending terror accused. For those like Farhana, it’s a tough job defending the indefensible. They are branded the ‘terrorist’s lawyers’, boycotted by bar associations, and even attacked.

On the 8th anniversary of the 26/11 attacks, The Quint’s documentary, ‘Fighting for the Terror Accused’, profiles some of these lawyers.

Camera: Sanjoy Deb

Video Editor: Kunal Mehra