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Mother Stabs 4-Month-Old Daughter to Death, Says She Wanted a Boy

According to NCRB statistics, 2500 cases of female infanticide and foeticide are reported in Rajasthan every day on an average.The state tops in the list of crime against minor girls in the country and if that’s not enough, here’s another gory case of female infanticide.

Neha Goyal, a 35-year-old woman murdered her four-month-old daughter, Mahika, on 26 August. The infant was found inside an unused air-conditioner, motionless and covered in a blanket. Baby Mahika was dead, a hospital confirmed.

Goyal is the mother of an eight-year-old daughter and was hopeful that her second child would be a boy. She reportedly said that in her desperation for a son, she considered IVF and surrogacy and even performed elaborate pujas. In the wealthy family of successful grain merchants, every option was within reach. She admitted that she was upset about having a second daughter.

Goyal’s husband told the police that he was shocked and had no idea that his wife could commit such an act.

A knife was used to kill the baby, who had 17 injury marks on her body. The knife was been recovered at the instance of the accused
Angshuman Bhomia, Jaipur Police

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