Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Union Minister for Human Resource Development Smriti Irani during the Akhil Bharatiya Prachaarya Sammelan, in New Delhi on 12 Feb 2016. (Photo: IANS)
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Stay Calm, Perform Well in Boards: PM Modi on Mann Ki Baat

“I have an exam tomorrow,”said Prime Minister Narendra Modi today as he gave a pep talk to motivate students appearing for the upcoming board exams on the 17th edition of his Mann Ki Baat programme. Cricketer and youth icon Sachin Tendulkar, and chess maestro Viswanathan Anand also joined the Prime Minister on the programme.

Modi said he was “full of confidence” ahead of his “examination” by 125 crore people, a trait which he wanted students to emulate when they appear for their examinations for Class X and XII starting Tuesday.

In his monthly radio programme ‘Mann Ki Baat’, Modi emphasised that students should appear for the exams with a “positive approach” having a free and calm mind without any anxiety.

In this context, he cited his example in the context of presentation of Budget which all the countrymen closely monitor and analyse. “Friends, your exams are starting. I too have exam tomorrow. The country’s 125 crore people are going to take my examination,” the Prime Minister said, referring to the Budget that was being presented tomorrow. “But you must have seen how healthy I am feeling, how full of confidence I am. Let my exams take place tomorrow and yours day after and may all of us succeed so that the nation succeeds...Move ahead with a free mind, without any tension of success or failure,” he said in his 35-minute programme. To lay stress on a positive and tension-free approach, Modi roped in Sachin and Anand besides Bharat Ratna scientist CNR Rao and spiritual leader Murari Bapu, whose messages were played during the programme. They gave their own examples of how they approached their exams in their respective fields, keeping tension aside.

To motivate students, the Prime Minister also cited the examples of Thomas Alva Edison, who invented electricity, and JK Rowling, author of the Harry Potter series, saying their success had come after many failures.

Sachin, in the message played during the programme, said, “I understand that exams are starting in a few days. Many of you must be tense....I want to say that your thinking needs to be positive, then positive results will follow. So be positive. God will give you good results... Write the exams with free mind and results will be good.” Giving his own example, he said, “When I played cricket, there were many expectations from me. In the last 24 years, there have been many tough moments and at times good moments also. But people’s expectations kept rising with time. So I had to find a solution. I thought that I will keep only my expectations and set my own targets. If I am able to achieve those targets, then I am able to do some good for the country... I always focussed on the ball and with time my targets were achieved.”

The Central Board of Secondary Examination (CBSE)‘s Class 12 board exams will start on 1 March and go on till 24 April, while the Class 10 exams will begin on 1 March and will end on 28 March.