The 19-year old transgender makes an appeal against harassment.
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#MakeOutInIndia: NRI Trans Man Appeals Against His Parents 

A 19-year old transgender NRI, Shivy was brought to India by his parents on the false pretext of meeting his ailing grand-mother. He was sent to an educational institution in Agra forcibly so he could be “reformed”. His parents had first tried verbal and physical violence to “fix” him, reported The Indian Express.

They took away his passport and Green Card and told him he would stay in the country and “learn to be a proper girl,” he told The Indian Express. The NRI has received support from the Delhi High Court, which granted him police protection on Tuesday.

Nazariya, a queer feminist collective and resource group in New Delhi, which helped Shivy escape from the ordeal, has posted an appeal by Shivy to his parents, relatives and the police, where he recounts the complete ordeal.