Government rolls out first-ever guidelines on adventure tourism

Government rolls out first-ever guidelines on adventure tourism

New Delhi, May 31 (IANS) In a bid to make adventure sports safer in India, the Tourism Ministry on Thursday launched elaborate minimum safety guidelines for adventure activities in the country.

"Formulated along with the Adventure Tour Operators Association of India (ATOAI), these guidelines have immense potential for adventure tourism ranging from the Himalayas to the coastal regions," Tourism Minister K.J. Alphons said at the launch.

He emphasised on the fact that for India to be a well-sought-after destination in adventure sports, the facilities and support staff should be developed as per the global standards.

Prepared by a team of experts in each field of adventure, these basic minimum safety standards would cover 18 land-based, seven air-based, and six water-based activities, said an official statement.

Covering the entire gamut of adventure tourism available in India, the aim of this initiative is to help adventure tour operators understand and execute safety guidelines in a better manner, it said.

The information given in the document educates the tour operators and other agencies concerned about major safety measures in an adventure sport, including on role of a guide, important equipment required, inspections and maintenance process, operating instructions, risk mitigation, and medical safety.



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