Logo of Udta Punjab Catering Service. (Photo: IANS)
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This ‘Udta Punjab’ Will Satisfy Nihalani’s Need for Cuts (of Meat)

Long before the controversial film, professional caterer Sameer Barabde’s Bollywood catering company ‘Udta Punjab’ had attained popularity for its special Punjabi cuisine in suburban Goregaon.

After ‘catering’ to several movies, including Rocky Handsome, Fitoor and Madari, Udta Punjab diversified to speedy home-deliveries in the western suburbs.

The company, run by the Barabde brothers– catering graduate Sameer and Bollywood line producer Sunnyl, yes, Sunnyl– has introduced what is perhaps the city’s first ‘Party by Kilo’ food service.

We have seen that many Mumbaikars have regular small parties of 10-15 persons at home. But ordering everything on piece-portion basis proves very expensive.
Sameer Barabde

Citing an example, he said for a party of around 15 people, at least two kg of biryani would be required, but by the kilo system, they can order one kg biryani, and one kg of other items to make it a full variety, yet economical meal.

However, despite their years of experience in Bollywood catering, Sameer and Sunnyl have not labelled any of their dishes after stars.

For us, each of our customer is a star and their response is what we strive for.
Sameer Barabde

His professional catering qualifications notwithstanding, Sameer, with origins in Nagpur, magnanimously gave due credit for the food and the menu to his chef, Simon Rodrigues, who hails from West Bengal’s 24 Parganas.

Simon is the backbone of this business. Without him, it would be difficult to please hundreds of hungry and discerning customers daily in these areas which comprise a generous mix of people from Bollywood, IT and call centres, national and multinational corporate houses and upper-class residential areas.
Sameer Barabde
Sameer Barabde  with Chef Simon Rodrigues. (Photo: IANS)
Sameer Barabde with Chef Simon Rodrigues. (Photo: IANS)

Referring to the name, Udta Punjab, Sameer grinned, obviously waiting for the question, and said it is part of his company, Tirupati Hospitality, and over a year old.

However, the recent controversy over the film ‘Udta Punjab’ had definitely helped us and most customers enquire about who inspired whom, he chuckled.

The name Udta Punjab is meant to signify the special authentic Punjabi flavour in the cuisine and its ‘flying’ delivery to its customers all over, he explained, adding that the decision to go retail was taken in February 2016, long before the “Udta Punjab” promos were released.

Detailing the concept of take-aways and speedy deliveries, Sameer said he was reluctant to venture into the restaurant business for various reasons, including the location, maintenance and upkeep, availability of staff, fluctuating numbers of patrons and the like.

A take-away or delivery service permits chef Rodrigues to prepare quality dishes and explore variety depending on customers’ requirements and varied palates.

Top moving items from Udta Punjab’s kitchen are mutton and chicken biryanis, paneer lajawab, dal makhni, murgh Lajawab (an unusual tandoori-gravy preparation which goes with rice-rotis), bhuna gosht and dum gosht masala, topped off with malai firni, hot gulab jamuns and chocolate mousse.

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