Mood Music: Bollywood Classics For 6 Stages in Your Relationship

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From the pool of Bollywood songs we’ve hand-picked only six go-to songs that best describe every moment in a relationship. (Photo Courtesy:YouTube screengrab)

Bollywood songs are the best way to express your feelings when you’re in love and even more so when you’ve bruised your heart.

So what do you do when pyaar, ishq, mohabbat drives you crazy? Well, all you need to do is turn up the volume and dance to your favourite Beat Pe Booty and learn to let it go...

We’ve hand-picked six go-to songs that best describe every moment in a relationship.

He Likes Me, He Doesn’t....

You feel like the ‘king of the world’ when you’ve got a crush. It’s difficult to calm the crazy feeling – the butterflies in the tummy, the smile on your face each time you hear his/her name. Congratulations! This is your official entry into love.

How I Met My Lover

Your love just got real!

It’s that phase of the relationship when you meet someone special and you’re in awe of him/her. And the sparks fly! Heeey, this is going super-duper great! Time to take the relationship to the next stage.

The Honeymoon Period

You’re a prem ki pujari. You’re ODing on love right now. This is your la la land, where everything is beautiful and nothing can go wrong. Even your buddies are sick of seeing the lurve ooze out of you... Eeww!

All Is Not Well!

Suddenly, Ms and Mr So In Love seem ready to kill each other. Earlier, him leaving the toilet seat up might have seemed cute but now it annoys the hell out of you. Grunt, fart, piss or snore; everything stinks about your significant other. Maybe it’s time to ctrl +alt+ del .

It’s All Over!

Breakups suck, but what’s more pathetic is languishing in a crappy relationship. So no matter how hard it is, you’ve got to take the call. And once the job is done, put on your headphones and let the music take over.

Move on Dude!

Bas bhai, hogaya breakup ab kitna rona-dhona. It’s time to move on dude. Or in Alia Bhatt’s words in Dear Zindangi, “It’s time to get a new kursi.”

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