‘Bigg Boss 13’ Day 35: New Contestants, New Task and New Arguments
The <i>Bigg Boss </i>house.
The Bigg Boss house.(Photo Courtesy: Colors)

‘Bigg Boss 13’ Day 35: New Contestants, New Task and New Arguments

As the second phase of Bigg Boss season tedha begins, the dynamics of the house have witnessed a drastic change with the entry of six new contestants. From breaking old relations to forging new ones, the journey has just begun.

Aarti Singh has been elected as the captain of the house so she gets to stay in the new luxurious room. However, many people seem to have a problem with her.

Late in the night, Siddharth Shukla gathers his friends, Aarti and Asim, and warns them that they shouldn't get influenced by the new contestants and they all should stick together.


A major turning point is the new distribution in house duties. Mahira and Siddharth Shukla are made in charge of the kitchen, and on the very first day of their duty, they get into a major altercation. On the other hand, Shehnaz confesses to Aarti that she wants to quit the show and starts crying again as Sidharth Shukla, Bhau, Aarti and Shefali try to pacify her. Amidst all this, Hindustani Bhau’s laughter riot takes over the entire house. His depiction of Tehseen leaves everyone in splits. Additionally, Shehnaz seems to have changed her behavior a little and it’s making many people in the house slightly uncomfortable.

Bigg Boss also surprises everyone by announcing the nomination task for the week. Different dustbins are placed in the garden area with name of each contestant written on it. One by one, old contestants are asked to nominate two new contestants and new contestants have to nominate two old contestants. After announcing their nomination the nominator has to empty a sack full of dry waste on the person they wish to nominate. The task reveals the game plan of both new and old contestants.

This new task leads to new drama. When Arhaan nominates Asim and calls him chela of Sidharth Shukla, he loses his cool and gets aggressive. Arhaan locks horns with Sidharth and Asim and challenges them for the game ahead.

For more, catch the episode on Colors at 10.30 pm.

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