Bigg Boss 11 Episode 67: The House Turns Into a Poultry Farm
Hina Khan and Shilpa Shinde take a dig at Vikas Gupta. 
Hina Khan and Shilpa Shinde take a dig at Vikas Gupta. (Photo Courtesy: ColorsTV)

Bigg Boss 11 Episode 67: The House Turns Into a Poultry Farm

Tonight’s Bigg Boss episode gets as egg-ilicious as possible! The drama just doesn’t seem to die down in the season 11 of Bigg Boss as the BB Poultry Farm gets more and more interesting to watch.

Continuing from yesterday, we see Priyank Sharma’s golden egg come out. And guess who wants to destroy Priyank’s golden chance of being the house captain? Akash Dadlani. Akash is hell-bent on making sure Priyank doesn’t end up as a contender for captaincy, and so he ensures that he plays mind-games with those who are protecting his golden egg.

“Thoda bahut mast karte hain na!”
Akash Dadlani, Bigg Boss Housemate

The Lost Boy Has Lost

Vikas Gupta, the self-proclaimed Lost Boy has been cast out of the race for captaincy. While protecting his own golden egg, Vikas almost falls over Hina Khan and Shilpa Shinde. While he is trash talking to Shilpa and Hina, Akash swoops in and picks up Vikas’ golden egg.

And guess what he did with the egg? Threw it into the pool!

“Yeh dekho iski (Vikas Gupta) gandi harkat.”
Hina Khan, Bigg Boss Housemate

Will They? Won’t They?

As Akash Dadlani’s golden egg pops out, the remaining housemates pick up his egg and throw it around. But they are careful to not to drop it as they are mostly trying to tease Akash. They play catch with his golden egg, and Puneesh Sharma even attempts to drop it into the pool. But, does he?

Arshi VS Shilpa

Even Shilpa Shinde’s golden egg pops out, and it is Arshi Khan who targets Shilpa. Not at all surprising. Even Akash Dadlani picks on Shilpa and calls her darpok.

What will be the fate of the remaining golden eggs and the housemates they represent? Find out by watching the episode on ColorsTV or Voot.

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