Bigg Boss 11 Ep 55: Vikas Gupta Breaks Down After Seeing His Mom
It’s an emotional reunion for Vikas and his mom.
It’s an emotional reunion for Vikas and his mom.(Photo Courtesy: ColorsTV)

Bigg Boss 11 Ep 55: Vikas Gupta Breaks Down After Seeing His Mom

Emotions run high on this Bigg Boss episode. It’s time for the Gharwale to be overwhelmed as their family members pay them a visit. After being subjected to brutal tasks and long spells of ruthlessness, the brief bout of kindness is just what the doctor ordered.

The luxury budget task lurks around the corner but this time it forgoes the nastiness for something compassionate. All their troubles melt away as the contestants reunite with their parents through the game of ‘Statue’. The contestants are required to freeze in a ‘statue’ mode until they are asked to 'release'.

Puneesh’s father kickstarts the proceedings. While all the inmates are standing still, he arrives with a pleasant aura and even refers to Akash as Puneesh’s BFF! He moves around the frozen contestants parting with his observations and sage advice. He walks up to Shilpa and tells her something that could easily make her day. He informs her that she would be the first person that Puneesh’s mother would like to be introduced to.

Now it’s Shilpa’s mother’s turn. She walks in to a very pleasantly surprised Shilpa, who is almost choking with emotion. In a typically motherly fashion, she asks Puneesh to drop the profanity in his language and asks Arshi and Akash to respect Shilpa if they regard her as their mom.

These parents not only the much-needed dose of warmth to the contestants but also offer a connect to the outside world, dispelling the claustrophobia cursorily. Vikas submits to that lump in his throat and cries openly as he meets his mom. She even hugs Shilpa and Priyank.

Arshi Khan must have never looked as radiant as she looks when she casts her gaze on her mother.

Only Priyank is completely startled when his close friend Divya appears on the set and tell him to not be influenced by his peers.

Who else will enter the house and what message to they have for their loved ones?

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