Did Rakhi Sawant Just Compare Herself with Salman Khan? Hilarious!

Rakhi Sawant opens her mouth again - this time about Salman Khan

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Rakhi Sawant has ensured she’s in the spotlight again - this time by talking about Salman Khan’s ‘rape’ comment (Photo courtesy: Twitter/<a href="https://twitter.com/search?f=images&amp;vertical=default&amp;q=rakhi%20sawant%20salman%20khan&amp;src=typd">@BOCLive</a>)

Here’s something to brighten up a mundane week. Just as we were beginning to let go of Salman Khan’s ‘rape’ comment, we heard Rakhi Sawant talking about it, and now we can’t stop laughing.

Salman ek legend hain humaari film industry ke aur abhi unki filmein release hone waali hain, kuchh ek controversy mein phasse hain meri tarah, aur log haath dho ke unke peeche pade hain. But Salman Khan toh Salman Khan hain. Unke Saath Modi ji hain, toh Salman ko koi phasa nahin sakta.
Rakhi Sawant, Actor

Not that Rakhi’s words make much sense in English either, but here goes a translation-

Salman is a legend in our film industry, his film is due for release. He’s stuck in a controversy like me, and people are after his life. But Salman Khan is Salman Khan. He has Modi ji with him, so no one can get him. 
Rakhi Sawant

When asked by a bunch of reporters about her stand on Salman’s ‘misquote’ (that his fans and haters have been dissecting for a whole week now), at first she didn’t seem to even know what he said, and before the reporters could explain the context fully, she said that just like her, controversy follows Salman wherever he goes. Now that’s a comparison we simply can’t digest. But she didn’t stop there of course.

Sawant went on to say that Salman never made a ‘rape’ comment and that someone has ‘added a dubbing to his moving lips’. 

Well, not everything is a conspiracy Rakhi. Salman’s father didn’t apologise on his behalf for no reason.

It’s also hard to ignore Rakhi’s bodybuilder of a ‘bhai’ standing next to her in this video. But he does his job well by saying the diplomatic thing. Maybe Salman should get one of his body guards to do this for him too.

Rakhi also compares Salman to a fruit tree, that is an easy target for the attention hungry. She doesn’t think much of his ‘slip of tongue’ and is convinced that Salman the legend is simply being targeted.

We leave you with her full quote. Knock yourself out!

Mujhe nahi lagta Salman Khan ne yeh baat boli hai, I promise you that Salman Khan ne yeh baat nahi boli hai. Unke mooh pe jaise beech mein jaise Karan Johar (referring to the AIB Roast which also had Ranveer Singh and Arjun Kapoor) unka aaya tha na, ki unki baaton pe dubbing kiya gaya tha, abuse language use ki gayi thi, toh Salman Khan ne sirf lip movement ki hai aur unki baaton pe kisi ne dubbing ki hai. Salman Khan ki awaaz nikaalne waale bahut saare log hain, mimicry artist bahut saare log hai. I promise you, Salman Khan logon ko pyaar dete hain, woh ek mahila ke khilaaf aise kaise bol sakte hain.
Rakhi Sawant
I don’t think Salman Khan has said this, I promise you that Salman Khan hasn’t said this. It’s like he did a lip movement, like it was done to Karan Johar and all (referring to the AIB Roast which also had Ranveer Singh and Arjun Kapoor), and abusive language was dubbed over whatever they were saying. In the same way, Salman has just done the lip movement and someone else has dubbed over him. There are many imitators of Salman Khan, there are various mimicry artists out there who can do it. I promise you, Salman gives love to people, he’d never say something like that about a woman.
Rakhi Sawant

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