Quantico Review: Episode 18 Promises to End the Suspense “Soon”

The latest episode is everything we had hoped for.

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We finally get some answers in the latest episode. (Photo Courtesy: <a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kw4Tz6jrjho">Youtube</a> Screengrab)

Well, it’s time to rejoice because the writers of Quantico seem to have finally got their act together. Till now they had been frustrating us with questions and suffocating us with suspense. But with Episode 18, called “Soon”, things seem to be changing for the better. Der aaye durust aaye!

This latest installment is special because we finally see Caleb in the present. All this while, Caleb has made an appearance only in the flashbacks, back at Quantico. We couldn’t trust him then and we can’t trust him now.

Also, there seems to be some sort of musical chairs being played, with Alex spying on Shelby, and Ryan and Nimah keeping a close watch on Alex. Meanwhile, the flashbacks put a lot of things in perspective. We now get an insight into Alex and Miranda’s special bond. And Miranda’s speech on what it takes to succeed at the bureau is just brilliant.

We witness Miranda and Liam’s deteriorating relationship and are given a sneak peek into the twins’– Nimah and Raina – upcoming conflict. We can’t wait to find out more!

(Photo: <a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cn-YuIDA214">Youtube</a> Screengrab)
(Photo: Youtube Screengrab)

*Spoiler Alert* Reader Discretion Advised!

Who would have thought that when we finally get to see Caleb he would have turned into a miserable, guilt-ridden drug addict? And as always, we can’t take him at face value. Is he lying to his mother, Senator Haas or has Alex been caught in a web of deceit? Caleb’s phone conversation in which he says, “She fell for it”, referring to Alex, has definitely got our antennas buzzing.

The episode also gives us new names to add to our already existing list of suspects. The flashbacks inform us that not everyone is given security clearance during training at Quantico. Iris was left out and she was also quite mad at Caleb for distancing her from Will. Could she be the terrorist?

Will is also a contender as Caleb beat him to a pulp to gain the trust of the Systemic leaders. Is Will, therefore, framing him to get his revenge?

Final Verdict!

Our patience has paid off and the latest episode is everything we had hoped for! “Soon”, as the name goes, offers suspense and tantalising plot twists that keep us hooked. And then, there are some long overdue revelations!

I suggest you make sure that you don’t miss the latest episode. This one gets a thumbs up and an emphatic nod of approval!

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