Star vs Food: Karan Johar’s Episode Is a Relatable, Amusing Watch

Watch what happens when Karan Johar becomes a student.

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Karan Johar stars in the second episode of Stars Vs Food</p></div>

Star Vs Food, the new show on Discovery+ makes celebrities who have next to no experience in cooking try their hand at preparing a full-fledged meal with the help of a professional chef. In their second episode, they have brought filmmaker Karan Johar on board to cook Japanese “Izakaya”, a modern twist to traditional Japanese food, at Mizu, Bandra owned by Vedant Malik and Chef Lakhan Jethani.

Knowing Karan Johar, what follows is a recipe for chaos and great laughs.

High on Relatability

As we see Karan Johar talking about his cooking skills and his next to none experience in the kitchen, I think it’s safe to say that most of us who don’t cook can relate to this. I mean, if someone asked me about my experience in the kitchen, I’d definitely wonder if just eating in there counts as experience… probably not.

<div class="paragraphs"><p>KJo when he finds out Katsu curry is on the menu today.</p></div>

KJo when he finds out Katsu curry is on the menu today.

(Photo Courtesy: Discovery+)
When KJo realizes he has to make it.
When KJo realizes he has to make it.
(Photo Courtesy: Discovery+)

In bits and parts of the episode, Karan is also seen making sexual references and poking fun at Chef Lakhan, the head chef and co-owner at Mizu, Bandra, who has the face of a man who just realised what it’s like trying to teach Karan Johar how to cook… Honestly, this has to be my favourite part of the episode.

At one point in the episode, when the two are halfway through making the Katsu curry, Karan is simply stirring the pot as Chef Lakhan adds all the ingredients. I think this was the point he officially gave up and decided it was much easier if he did it himself… the concept of the show didn’t matter to him anymore

KJo Adds a Spoonful of Drama to the Episode

Karan’s utter shock when he is told to go to the pantry and get something is absolutely hilarious. That he is surprised even after he is given an assistant’s job though knowing what he signed up for is amusing, to say the least.

The writer filmmaker is told to get fresh turmeric from the pantry. After looking for only a few minutes, he decides to take a break in there and just give up altogether. After literally doing the bare minimum! If that’s not me working from home, then I don’t know what is. Also, after he finally finds it, he is shocked to discover that turmeric doesn’t already come in a powdered form, and that he didn’t even know how it actually looked (no judgement here, would have probably done the same).

Overall, a Fun, Light Watch

Basically in this episode, the head chef is Karan Johar, and he is also the star kid who doesn’t know what they’re doing.

After the curry is successfully made, KJo steps in to talk about the ‘hard work and passion’ that went into making this dish, as if just 5 minutes ago he wasn’t talking about completely giving up in the pantry.

Also, can I just say that looking at these visuals of Mizu’s Katsu curry and sushi are not helping me cope with this lockdown. I mean, even though KJo made the food, it still looked pretty damn good!

<div class="paragraphs"><p>The Crab Sushi at Mizu, Bandra</p></div>

The Crab Sushi at Mizu, Bandra

(Photo Courtesy: Discovery+)
<div class="paragraphs"><p>Katsu Curry at Mizu, Bandra</p></div>

Katsu Curry at Mizu, Bandra

(Photo Courtesy: Discovery+)

Towards the end, Chef Lakhan says, “As a student I would give Karan a rating of 5/10”. I’m guessing that’s still more than the rating the audience gave to Karan’s students, right?

Karan Johar saying, “More than anything it has love”, while describing his dish to his friends Seema Khan, Mrunal Thakur, and Saiyami Kher is basically any textbook bad cook defending the torture they’re going to put their friends through and again, who hasn’t done this?

They end the episode by playing a short rapid fire round. So, KJo started a Koffee With Karan here too? Why am I not surprised? But overall, the episode, with all its mishaps, confusion and light moments was a good watch. I’d definitely recommend it if you want to just unwind for a short while and watch something light-hearted yet fun.

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