Train Coach Set on Fire In Vadodara For Modi Biopic
A file image from Godhra. 
A file image from Godhra. (Photo: PTI)

Train Coach Set on Fire In Vadodara For Modi Biopic

A train’s coach was set on fire on Sunday in Gujarat’s Vadodara to recreate the 2002 Godhra train burning for a biopic on Prime Minister Narendra Modi, which is slated for a release ahead of the 2019 elections. According to a report in The Indian Express, the Western Railway and the Vadodara Fire Department had reportedly given permission to the producers of the biopic to shoot the scene.

Western Railway PRO Khemraj Meena confirmed the news and added that no “rail traffic was affected”.

“Permission was given to shoot the documentary film here. It was shot at the narrow gauge Vishwamitri railway station. No rail traffic was affected in the process of the shoot and the bogie being used for the shoot was provided by us. It is a mock-drill bogie and was unused,” he reportedly said.

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Jayraj Gadhvi, supervising executive of the shoot in Gujarat said that the burning train scene in the “biopic documentary” will tackle Modi’s challenges as a Chief Minister. On 27 February 2002 - 59 kar sewaks, on their way back from Ayodhya, were killed on an S6 coach of the Sabarmati Express, which set off riots across Gujarat.

As per the report, Vadodara BJP MP and city unit president, Ranjan Bhatt said he had no knowledge of the documentary being commissioned by the party leaders.

Western Railway CPRO Ravindra Bhakar also said that, according to the script shown by the film’s production company, there was no mention of “Godhra” but rather added that they wanted to shoot Modi “selling tea on railway platforms”.

“We go through the script and as a policy, do not permit anything that harms the image of Railways and the country. If they have set fire to a rolling stock or damaged railway property, then we can claim their deposit, claim insurance etc. We make them sign indemnity bond as well”.
Western Railway CPRO Ravindra Bhakar

(Source: The Indian Express)

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