Chulbul Pandey Has Arrived in ‘Dabangg 3’ New Teaser
Salman Khan as cop Chulbul Pandey in <i>Dabangg</i>.
Salman Khan as cop Chulbul Pandey in Dabangg.(Photo Courtesy: Arbaaz Khan Productions)

Chulbul Pandey Has Arrived in ‘Dabangg 3’ New Teaser

The countdown for the arrival of Salman Khan’s iconic character Chulbul Pandey has begun with just 100 days left before the release of the film. Salman took to Instagram to share a teaser of the film. And one thing is clear, Chulbul Robinhood Pandey in Dabangg 3 is going to be bigger and better.

Salman captioned the post, “Aa Rahe Hain! Chulbul Robinhood Pandey. Theek 100 din baad. (I’m coming! Chulbul Robinhood Pandey. In just 100 days.)”
Swagat Toh Karo Humara!

Take a look:


Dabangg 3 is directed by Prabhudeva. It will release on 20 December. It reunites Sonakshi Sinha with Salman and southern star Sudeep as the villain. The film is being directed by Prabhudeva.

Earlier it had been reported that the film will trace his character’s journey from goon to cop and feature a flashback to his days as a 20-year-old. For the same, Salman Khan has been spending plenty of time working out at the gym.

Recently Salman had also taken to Twitter to announce his on-screen dad. In the previous two installments of Dabangg, the late Vinod Khanna played Salman’s father.

Salman shared a video, which begins with his and Vinod Khanna's photo frame and later the camera is panned at his brother Pramod Khanna, who introduces himself as Prajapati Pandey. The video also shows Sonakshi Sinha and Prabhudeva cheering Pramod Khanna.

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