Was Enraged but Was Told to Be Quiet: Ranveer on ‘Padmaavat’
Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone at the <i>Padmaavat </i>screening on Tuesday night.
Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone at the Padmaavat screening on Tuesday night.(Photo: Yogen Shah)

Was Enraged but Was Told to Be Quiet: Ranveer on ‘Padmaavat’

The dust seems to have settled on the Padmaavat controversy, now that all the preposterous threats and demands have ceased, and now that the film is a blockbuster. The states that had unofficially banned the film are also reportedly on the verge of giving up their calls for bans. But the crew of the magnum opus still does not seem to have got its closure.

During the promotions, Deepika Padukone became the face of the film and was very vocal about her opinions on Karni Sena’s stance but Team Padmaavat was silent. It has now broken its quietude on the subject and Ranveer Singh has spoken.

In an interview to India Today, Ranveer Singh, who is receiving the most praise for performance in the film, confessed being overwhelmed by rage when there were threats to chop off his rumoured girlfriend Deepika Padukone’s nose, who plays the titular character. He likened his feelings to a tornado when the director Sanjay Leela Bhansali was attacked on the sets of the film.

“I was filled with rage. There’s no doubt about that. I had a very strong urge to act out, to speak out, but I was given strict instructions not to. And I had to respect that, because I was not at the forefront of this fight. It’s the prerogative of the producers, of the director. If they were explicitly telling me that me saying something or doing something is going to complicate things further, I don’t want to complicate their lives. I want to do my bit to make sure that this film gets made and it gets released. If this is what they are asking me to do, I have to abide by that...I could choose to act out destructively but I chose not to. I channelled it and I put all of it into my performance. Whatever you may feel after watching this performance is born out of having felt a certain way.”
Ranveer Singh

Ranveer went on to say that Bhansali channelled his rigour like a possessed man.

“Eventually, these perpetrators have lost. The film has won, Mr Bhansali has won. It’s a victory, the way this film is celebrated not just in our country but across the world. The kind of numbers it is posting is an indicator of widespread audience acceptance, approval and validation. I am very happy, especially for Mr Bhansali, because he has been through the most,”
Ranveer Singh

Source: The Hindustan Times

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