Bigg Boss Day 86: The House Becomes a War Zone as the Finale Nears

The ‘Road To Finale’ Task is turning out to be the most ruthless and violent aspect of the game so far. 

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The ‘Road To Finale’ Task is turning out to be the most ruthless and violent aspect of the game so far. 

As the grand Bigg Boss finale is inching closer, equations inside the house are changing rapidly. After Suyyash and Nora’s exit, Kishwer and Prince seem to be the strongest contenders for the winning spot. Only one couple has survived the game and that’s Rochelle and Keith. But there’s tension building up there too.

The Container Task

Tasks are getting tougher by the day so I really wonder what the ‘Road to Finale Week’ task is all about. Keith is the sanchalak this time, while the others are given containers full of sand. Six contestants for six containers. Yahaan tak toh samajh aaya, aage kya? The challenge is for each of them to try keeping their containers full till the end of the task. But how will they do this when their containers can be attacked by anyone? Yahi toh challenge hai yaar!

The stakes are high here because only three contestants (With the maximum amount of sand left) get to go to the next level. Also, whoever wins this task gets the chance to be at the finale! Now that’s worth a lot.

Now, each and every housemate is desperate for the ticket. This one is bound to turn into a nasty game. But surprisingly, Kishwer is sitting with her jaani dushmans Rishabh and Priya, to brainstorm on a strategy. Ab ye baat kuch hazam nahi hui.

Mandana’s Game Plan

As soon as the task takes off, Mandana becomes the first target. They immediately attack her funnel. I love how she’s become this annoying thorn in their collective lives inside the house. I see signs of a winner in Mandana for sure.

Priya fights Prince at every step of the game
Priya fights Prince at every step of the game

The attack really gets Mandana all worked up and she ends up breaking the lever of Rochelle’s container. And smart that she is, she conveniently blames Rishabh for it. It’s all happening too fast. Within seconds, the housemates pounce on Priya. She challenges them all to fight her one on one, instead of playing as a group.

But what happens next is a bit of a shocker. Priya twists Mandana’s arm really hard. Ouch! Then she does the same thing with Rochelle. What nerve! Isn’t this a clear violation of the game? Bigg Boss, you really need to come in on this.

It’s a War Zone

Later, Kishwer confides in Rishabh about her friendship with Rochelle being over. It sounds like she’s using that as an excuse to attack her later in this ruthless game. Clearly, koi kisi ka dost nahi hai iss ghar mein.

Priya on the other hand, tells Rishabh that she will only attack nominated contestants in the days to follow. That’ll keep her from losing out. After their private chat, the housemates taunt Priya and Rishabh for acting all ‘groupy’ suddenly. But that doesn’t keep Rochelle from ganging up with Rishabh a little later.

So here’s a question for you in the middle of all the madness- will Salman be able to knock some sense into these guys and girls? There’s only one way to find out!

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