Bigg Boss Day 85: Big Trouble In Keith and Rochelle’s Paradise

Keith and Rochelle are facing serious trust issues, will they get through this?

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Rochelle and Keith: Trouble in <i>Bigg Boss</i> paradise

With just less than three weeks to go, the housemates are finally at the top of their game. While some are purposely picking fights to remain in the spotlight, some of the others are playing it too safe. And no prizes for guessing who has been the drama queen lately.

Priya’s Drama Part 1

The nosy, annoying and loud Priya is at it again. The curious cat inside her manages to overhear a personal conversation between Mandana and her boyfriend, who she got the chance to speak to over the phone recently. Priya being Priya decides to make dinner table conversation out of it. Mandana simply can’t take it and thus begins the yelling. 

How can a fight in the Bigg Boss house remain between the two concerned people?So Rochelle jumps in, only to be told by Priya that she has major double standards. Poor Rochelle is out of things to say as Priya fires away using her majboor shoulder.

This fight gets very very ugly. Someone stop these girls please.

As the bickering continues, Keith carries on with his meal instead of standing up for Rochelle. I can understand that it must be exhausting to keep taking sides, but Keith, you’re in for big trouble.

Love Birds Turn Into Argumentative Couple

Rochelle might be done with Priya but she’s just getting started with Keith. How dare he not defend her? He is after all her favourite punching bag. Keith tries to explain his tricky position but when Rochelle gets mad, no reasoning works. 

Later, Keith sees Rochelle sitting by herself in the lounge and musters up an apology. Does this remind anyone else of the Ban gaya kutta dekho ban gaya kutta number from Pyar Ka Punchnama 2, or is it just me?

Keith apologises to Rochelle&nbsp;
Keith apologises to Rochelle 

Priya’s Drama Part 2

Priya and Mandana get punished by Prince
Priya and Mandana get punished by Prince

Now that we understand Priya’s strategy to khao faaltu footage, here’s another drama-rama that takes place between captain Prince and Priya. His inention was to punish the two girls for speaking in English. But Priya turns this simple task into an argument and what Prince gets in return is a dhamki.

Priya can literally turn anything into a fight. Her obnoxious leopard print body suit only makes things worse. What is that thing really?

Chor Police

Mandana ki chori pakri gayi
Mandana ki chori pakri gayi

Now, we all know who the chor in the house is. Mandana who has done this before, is at it again. Priya, has been looking around for her missing stole for two days now. It was a gift from her husband and she’s asked everone in the house if they have spotted it lying around somewhere. Mandana later confesses to Rochelle and Kishwer that she stumbled upon Priya’s prized possession when she was trying to hide something else. Rochelle the smart one guesses the secret spot immediately, finds the stole and takes it back to Priya. All eyes are on Mandana now. In fact the housemates manage to make Mandana feel guity too. But Priya is not one to forgive easily, maybe not ever.

Forgiveness is a virtue, not of this house for sure. Let’s wait to see what Salman has to say about all this.

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