Aarushi’s Parents Should Be Given a Fair Chance: Vishal Bhardwaj
Team <i>Talvar </i>at a promotional event&nbsp;
Team Talvar at a promotional event 

Aarushi’s Parents Should Be Given a Fair Chance: Vishal Bhardwaj

It’s been almost a week since Talvar hit theatres, and the thriller continues to rule the box-office, as well as living room conversations across the country. While the film itself is based entirely on facts, Vishal Bhardwaj’s screenplay has made it edgy and thrilling. The Quint got chatting with the film’s writer-director duo Vishal Bhardwaj and Meghna Gulzar, about what inspired them to make Talvar, and a lot more.

Q. You have consistently held your ground saying that the film is not biased. Why is that?
Vishal Bhardwaj:
Whatever we have shown are facts. We have shown nothing from our perspective. The parents have been put behind the bars, the court has passed a judgment, so whatever has happened we have shown exactly that. Unless, somebody can stand up and say that what we have shown is wrong, only then does the question of taking a side arises.

Q. What about this case caught your attention? Can you tell us more about that moment when you decided to write the film?
Vishal Bhardwaj: What triggered it was, when I came to know about the sound test. The first thing that affected me was that, two people were brutally murdered in the next room in a small flat, that is less than 1000 square feet, and the parents kept sleeping through it all and heard absolutely nothing. I used to find that very weird, like how can this happen? Then I was introduced to this man at a party, he was the CBI investigator on the case. So I asked him how it happened. Who killed them? I didn’t even know there were servants who were convicted. I asked him about the sound thing, and he said that they didn’t find the sound test efficient. So my interest started building up from there. Then we began digging deeper and found out a whole lot of other things.

Q. The climax scene was extremely gripping, how real was that scene?
Meghna Gulzar:
So the facts are all real and this meeting did happen. The rest is Vishal ji’s immense creativity.
Vishal Bhardwaj: Actually that was the climax of our film, so we had to be very innovative with it. We met all the teams and this was the culmination of all that. Because, we asked everybody what actually happened in that meeting. Everybody gave their own versions, even the part that the daughter’s throat was cut slightly less. Even that was not made up, we were told that. Then we were told about the missionary position, and from there making the missionary position into dharm-pracharak, that was our creativity. We were not in the room so we don’t know; maybe there were more bizarre and humorous talks that took place in that room, which we are not aware of.
Meghna Gulzar: We don’t know if there was MC-BC of AM and PM, but we do know that there was a confusion about the AM-PM for sure.

Q. The general perspective towards the case is changing after the release of Talvar. People are considering the possibility that the parents are not guilty. You have brought about this change. What do you have to say about that?
Vishal Bhardwaj:
It’s a good thing if it’s changing, because we wanted a discussion around them being given a fair chance. When two CBI teams came to a conclusion that this case should be closed, the court rejected it and convicted the parents while the parents didn’t want the closure report. They wanted to find the culprit. Still they were convicted and a sentence was passed. Ok fine, no one can question the court but till the time the case doesn’t go to high court, they should be given bail, while nobody knows where the other suspects are. Again, we are not saying that the Talwars are innocent or guilty, but they should be given a fair chance. Meghna told me that they have appealed in high court, but right now they’re on cases from 1986, so by the time their appeal would be heard, they would have served life time imprisonment already, which is wrong. If the system can’t change itself, then at least give relief to the ones who are suffering.

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