Who will win the golden ticket task? (Photo Courtesy: ColorsTV)
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Bigg Boss Day 86: Dost Dost Na Raha, It’s Game Time for Housemates

Being the captain, Manveer is trying his best to get things in order and decides to keep extra plates and dishes in the storeroom to reduce the kitchen mess. But Nitibha quickly objects to Manveer’s decision and says that as captain he can only monitor everyone’s work but cannot take decisions on everyone’s behalf. Like I said dost dost na raha. Finally people have started playing their individual games.

How long will the M3 stick together? (Photo Courtesy: ColorsTV)
How long will the M3 stick together? (Photo Courtesy: ColorsTV)

Gurjar toh sunke nahi lega, so he gives it back to Nitibha. Nitibha, crying, goes to mamma bear Bani and cribs about M3 (Manveer, Mona, Manu).

Later in the evening, Bigg Boss introduces the much-awaited ticket to finale week qualifier task. For the same, the entire garden area is converted into a night sky and a solar system set up is installed there with four orbits in it.

The contestants have to hold a bowl containing purple liquid in their hands and rotate around the ticket (sun) starting with the first orbit. Every time a contestant’s water spills or goes below the yellow mark, or in case a contestant trips and falls, he or she will be disqualified from the game.

The competition will then move to the next level and the contestants will have to start walking in the second orbit. Last two contestants to successfully complete the task will get a chance to grab ticket to finale week. Rohan is made the sanchalak of the task while Lopa gets an extra edge over others and is asked to join in the second round.

Manveer and Manu as usual want to play the game their way (which is the rowdy way) and decide to knock off contestants by pushing them off the orbit. Why are we not surprised.

Nitibha and Bani decide to reduce their bowl’s weight. (Photo Courtesy: ColorsTV)
Nitibha and Bani decide to reduce their bowl’s weight. (Photo Courtesy: ColorsTV)

Bani and Nitibha decide to reduce their bowl’s weight by throwing away some water. For a considerable amount of time, the housemates quietly walk on the track but the game slowly gets intense and arguments take precedence.

Manu and Nitibha have an argument after he threatens to push her out of the orbit. Nitibha does not take this well and yells at Manu. Furthermore, Mona decides to quit the task and the game moves to the next level and Lopa also comes into action. As the orbit gets smaller, the competition gets tougher and the contestants opt for all possible ways to knock each other down.

With the housemates fighting tooth and nail to stake claim over ticket to finale week, who will emerge victorious by the end of the task?