Salman Khan in a promo of Bigg Boss 10. (Photo courtesy: YouTube screen grab)
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A ‘Sting Video’ Exposes The Bigg Boss ‘Control Room’... Really? 

Ever since Bigg Boss took off in India, we’ve made our guesses every season about how scripted the reality show seems or could be. If you’re an avid follower, you probably know that it’s all masala and drama for the gazillion cameras fitted inside the house. But in what looks like a sting video, one can see the entire PCR where the show is recorded. Though there’s no way to conclude from this that the show is scripted, but yes, it is monitored.

Bigg Boss 10 CONTROL ROOM leaked video - BIGG... by ayesha-noor4

But that we knew already. Contestants know that they’re being watched, in fact they come and speak directly into the cameras too. But given that there are so many cameras, someone’s surely mixing the feed for broadcast. But are they feeding the housemates dialogues, cues or plot lines? One can’t say for sure, certainly not from this video. Priyanka Jagga’s sudden exit from the house rumoured to be a result of Salman Khan’s alleged instructions, has also added fuel to the fire.

But the more convincing part of this video is comes right at the end. The secret camera leaves the control room and is taken to a board that reads ‘Endemol Shine India’.

So, do you think Bigg Boss is fully scripted, partly so or totally spontaneous? More importantly, do the housemates know that too?

(Source: DailyMotion)