Quantico Review: Episode 14 Brings the Twists Back to Season 1
Priyanka Chopra in a scene from <i>Quantico</i>
Priyanka Chopra in a scene from Quantico

Quantico Review: Episode 14 Brings the Twists Back to Season 1

After its mid-season break Quantico is back and we are already two episodes in. There are two things that still stand out though. Firstly, the ironic names of the episodes continue to baffle. Episode 13 was called Clear and things couldn’t have been more convoluted. Episode 14 is titled Answers and a big question mark hangs heavy over the proceedings. Also, the writers of Quantico seem to have something against the casual and lazy followers of the show. Fiddle with your phone for a couple of minutes and you would have missed half a dozen clues. New characters, twists and turns, and a zillion flashbacks - it’s all in there and it warrants our exclusive attention.

So what is it that we know till now? That Alex Parrish aka Priyanka Chopra is innocent. We also know there is someone close to the FBI who is creating the entire problem. Natalie had a blast, quite literally as the bomb strapped to her exploded. And we also know that all is not well between the twins Nimah and Raina.

In episode 14, Alex needs help and the only one she can trust seems to be Simon, who is living like a revenant in Vermont. Caleb is keeping busy trying to negotiate life along with his alter ego, Mark Raymond. Raina has a separate life away from her prying sister Nimah. In fact both Nimah and Will cant keep themselves from spying on Raina and Caleb respectively, but we do have a foreboding feeling about it…looks like her messing around could lead to more trouble for everyone involved.

But there is still a lot that we don’t know about. Like Caleb and his alter ego Mark Raymond. They’re up to no good but that sexy look with glasses is delectably tantalising and we can’t wait to know the motives behind it. No talk about Natalie is conspicuous too. Why wouldn’t we talk more about her… she is dead…or is she? My theory - Natalie‘s death was way too convenient. I smell action and some gobsmacking plot twists!

Fair warning! If you are one of those who start palpitating at the thought of someone revealing the plot…read no further because now I’m going to spill out some spoilers!

Episode 14 does its job of revealing the ‘behenji’ side of Alex. Drew tells her about his fiancé and how he suspects FBI played a role in her unfortunate death. Alex wastes no time in going to Liam, and as it turns out Liam did mess things up. So now Drew is baying for Liam’s blood while Liam has him thrown out of the training programme. Phew! So much of ‘idhar ki baat udhar’!

Priyanka Chopra (Alex) and Josh Hopkins (Liam) in a scene from <i>Quantico </i>
Priyanka Chopra (Alex) and Josh Hopkins (Liam) in a scene from Quantico

But at least one thing becomes clear – Liam and Alex did in fact sleep together. Yeah I know there were enough hints and references, but this has now been unequivocally acknowledged. One answer finally! But what about that person who is blackmailing Alex and terrorising her over the phone? Who is he? For that we wait for another episode and a dozen more suspects.

Final Verdict!

Episode 14 is a hundred times better than the previous instalment. The story moves forward organically, unlike the previous contrived plot twists. Incase you had given up on Quantico, I think it might just be time to give it another shot.

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