Virat Kohli (L) and Steve Smith (R). (Photo: BCCI)
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Kohli Alleges Disrespect to India’s Physio, Smith Rubbishes Claims

Allegations and denials flew thick and fast between rival captains Virat Kohli and Steven Smith with the India skipper claiming that the home team physio Patrick Farhart was "disrespected" by visiting players.

Kohli alleged that some Australians unnecessarily taunted Farhart but Smith denied the claim.

They (four-five of them) started taking Patrick’s name. I don’t know why. He’s our physio. His job is to treat me. I don’t find the reason behind it. I could not understand. You must ask why they have started taking his name.
Virat Kohli

While saving a run on the first day of the third Test at Ranchi, Kohli hurt his shoulder and Farhart rushed onto the field to attain to his injury. Kohli eventually left the field with the physio.

Later Glenn Maxwell was seen mocking Kohli's injury when he imitated his action by clutching his right shoulder after his dive to save a boundary. The Indian skipper, too, gave it back with a similar gesture when David Warner got out on day four of the Test.

When an Australian journalist asked about the mocking incident involving himself and Glenn Maxwell, an upset Kohli said:

It’s funny all our guys ask about cricket as the first thing and you ask about something controversial. But it’s okay. These things happen on the field.

However Smith insisted that they never disrespected Farhart, who himself is an Australian.

It was a bit disappointing. I didn’t actually do anything. Virat was having a go at me saying I was disrespecting Patrick Farhart. I was probably the exact opposite. I think he probably did a pretty terrific job to be able to get Virat back on the field after that shoulder injury. He’s a terrific physio and he obviously does a great job for them
Steve Smith

Asked about his take on the spirit of the game, Smith said:

There’s always a bit of tension when you’re playing India in Test matches. As far I’m concerned it’s being played in the right spirit on the field and it’s a hard and tough grind. That’s how I would explain it and no issues with that.

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