VJ Andy confesses that he is a bad Indian. (Photo Courtesy: Rahul Gupta)
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Dear India, I Refuse to Stand for the National Anthem: VJ Andy

VJ Andy is a TV presenter. He is best known for his crazy, controversial stint on season 5 of Bigg Boss. In his letter to India, he confesses that he is a ‘bad’ Indian.

(Do you ever feel like talking to India? Yes, perfect. How about you write to her and tell her if youre a good Indian or a bad Indian? You could be bitchy, angry, happy, emotional or spoofy. But if your answer is No – never mind, there is always a beginning. So let’s start here.

Don’t be shy, just say it all. Mail us your letter at lettertoindia@thequint.com. We’ll ensure India gets your message.)