How Empty Bottles Turned Into Stunning Glass Installations

The bottles that were collected as part of #WalkInWithJohnnie have been turned into Striding Man installations.

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These installations were created as part of the second leg of the #WalkInWithJohnnie campaign

Chances are that one of these days when you walk into your favourite bar in Bengaluru, Mumbai, Noida or Hyderabad, you might come across stunning glass installations of Johnnie Walker’s iconic Striding Man.

These installations were created as part of the second leg of the #WalkInWithJohnnie campaign.

Before we tell you more about this initiative, watch this video.


The #WalkInWithJohnnie campaign was launched late last year with the objective of encouraging consumers to responsibly return to their favourite bars. It urged people to deposit empty glass bottles at select bars across different cities as a symbol of leaving their past behind.

The campaign witnessed a massive response - there were more than 5000 walk-ins across multiple bars in different cities.

Turning glass into art

The bottles that were collected as part of the campaign have been turned into gorgeous Striding Man installations by renowned glass artists such as Tyrell Valladares, Aman Garg and Reshmi Dey. At present, five such works of art by Tyrell and Aman are being showcased at five different venues:

  • ‘Walk With Johnnie’ by Aman (Bengaluru)
  • ‘The Perspective Stride’ by Tyrell (Mumbai)
  • ‘The Striding Lantern by’ Tyrell (Mumbai)
  • ‘Dimensional Stride’ by Aman (Noida)
  • ‘The Lantern’ by Tyrell (Hyderabad)

Both, Tyrell and Aman have come up with their individual interpretations of the Striding Man and this reflects in their artworks.

Speaking about ‘The Striding Lantern’ installation, Tyrell says, “My design concept for the Johnnie Walker’s installation was something unique that I had never attempted to make before. The concept had to be larger than life to represent the brand and working with the old glass bottles to create something new was the perfect fit.”

He adds, “The Striding Lantern has been made with pieces of broken glass that symbolise the difficulties we have faced with an aim to move forward together, with the Striding Man as our inspiration. It is green in colour and stands tall at 6.5 feet. It weighs around 150 kg and has been made using more than 500 bottles.”

‘The Striding Lantern by’ Tyrell
‘The Striding Lantern by’ Tyrell

Aman’s multi-hued glass creation ‘Dimensional Stride’ shows the Striding Man within a glass enclosure.

‘Dimensional Stride’ by Aman
‘Dimensional Stride’ by Aman
Each of the above installations is testimony to the artist’s creative brilliance and serves as a reminder to what #WalkInWithJohnnie stands for: to move on from the past and forge ahead into the future.

You will soon get to see installations by other artists too at different locations across India. As for now, if you spot the Striding Man at your favourite bar, make sure you stop by to admire him in all his glory!

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