How Video Call Culture Rekindled My Love For The Razor

No one wants to be boring in the new normal.

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Thanks to video call culture, I rediscovered my passion for shaving.

Never ever had I thought that there would come a time where I would be working, dating and catching up with friends, all over video calls, and that too for almost a year. When I turned 28 last year, my birthday too was celebrated over a long Zoom call.

The ‘video call culture’, that started as a consequence of the pandemic and lockdown, is clearly here to stay, and one thing this culture has majorly changed is my approach to personal grooming. It once again has made me fall in love with the razor - with shaving and styling my facial hair.

When you meet someone in person, it’s easier to make a great impression, but when it comes to video calls, I realised that you need to put in a little extra effort. As a result, now I’m a lot more particular about how well-groomed I look. Another good thing to come out of all this is that I’ve also started experimenting a lot with my looks. Over the last year, I’ve tried out various beard moustache styles from French beard, to the anchor, Van Dyke and just the humble moustache too….And modesty aside, I must say, that a lot of my 'experiments’ got their fair share of compliments from social media, colleagues, friends, relatives, and even dates.

Video call culture made me fall in love with the razor once again.
Video call culture made me fall in love with the razor once again.
(Photo: Gillette)

While my looks and styles changed, the one thing that was a constant throughout was Gillette. I’ve been a user (rather, a fan) of the Mach3 family of razors for as long as I can remember. Have always found them comfortable to hold, easy to use and long-lasting. More than anything else, have always enjoyed a smooth shave with Mach3, and the past few months were no different. I could always count on the razor every time I thought of upping my face-game!

It all initially started with a lockdown beard which was clearly a result of me being lazy and trying to adapt to the WFH life. Not only me but a few other colleagues too sported similar beard styles. So, during one of our regular video calls, it created a rather funny confusion as to who was presenting, and someone hilariously pointed that it was because of our beard style that people couldn’t tell us apart. It did kind of give me a mini-identity crisis. While my colleagues certainly had their share of laughs, my lockdown beard wasn’t exactly a hit with my friends and cousins as well. My friends would often taunt me by saying ‘Go take a shower’. While video chatting with my cousins, I would hear murmurs of how the beard is looking unkempt. My mom, like all desi moms, wanted me to get rid of my beard. Things really crossed a limit when my 3-year-old niece refused to recognise me and started sobbing during a video call. That’s when I decided that this beard has to go.

So one day before a major work call that I was supposed to lead, I woke up early, looked in my bathroom mirror and decided that I definitely need to get rid of the fuzz. I quickly grabbed my Gillette Mach3 razor, and sported a smart, handlebar moustache. I can’t tell you how confident and refreshed my makeover made me feel. While the meeting was awesome, believe me, for most part of the meeting, I was only fielding compliments for my new look. Much of the credit for this sudden transformation goes to the razor (and my ingenuity, of course). All it took was a few strokes to conjure up this winning look! And the best part was that my niece was able to identify me once again.

I could always count on Mach3 every time I thought of upping my face-game.
I could always count on Mach3 every time I thought of upping my face-game.
(Photo: Gillette)

Well, this boosted my morale to try different looks and then there was no turning back. I would often pick up the razor and get experimenting. Another makeover that won me praises was when I showed up in a new avatar on a virtual date. This girl and I had been going steady over video calls, and she was used to seeing me with a regular beard. For quite some time, she had been cutely asking me to try “something new” as she was bored seeing the same beard. During one of our calls, she told me that her birthday was round the corner. I instantly knew what to gift her. I chose to surprise her with an anchor beard on our ‘birthday date’. Now if you’re wondering what the outcome of this was – well, my makeover and my razor-sharp wit (pun unintended) totally won her over. And for the record, our virtual dates have now transitioned into real ones, and we’re still going steady.

I have always loved picking up the razor and letting it work its magic, but somewhere along the way, I guess shaving had just become another chore. But thanks to video call culture, I rediscovered my passion for shaving and experimenting with different sharp beard styles. Because hey, no one wants to be boring in the new normal.

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