Fact Checking 4 Beauty Tips From Your Parlour Didi

Here is a fact check on some beauty tips that your parlour didi may have told you.

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We debunk some of the top myths promoted by parlours around the country.

I last visited my neighborhood salon just before the lockdown started. As always, the beautician, aka parlour didi, insisted that I had never looked worse; my face was too tanned (facial kar lo), hair too dull (trim kara lo) – and who on earth had done such a shoddy job on my eyebrows last (spoiler alert – she had!). Almost all women I know are used to well-meaning advice from our favourite parlour didis – some of which we have followed religiously for years now.

The past eight months, however, have made us more self-reliant than ever before, and this includes taking care of some of our beauty and grooming needs at home, away from didi’s disapproving glares. Thanks to the lockdown, I have not only flouted several of her ‘rules’ but also discovered that most of them are not even based on facts!

Read on as we debunk some of the top myths promoted by parlours around the country.

Myth 1: “Using a female razor makes your skin darker and leads to thicker hair growth”

This is quite false! Whether you use a razor or wax, it has no impact on the volume of hair growth or your complexion in any way. Your hormones and genetic makeup determine how your hair grows back, and even this varies across different areas of your body. The only difference is waxing pulls your hair from root (that pain!) whereas a razor cuts the hair from surface.

Fact Checking 4 Beauty Tips From Your Parlour Didi

Using a razor at home is now the new normal. Gillette Venus Breeze can be your go-to product if you are a first timer; it exfoliates and removes dead skin and comes with soap gel bars infused with avocado oil which gives a super smooth feel. Simply wet the area before shaving, glide the razor and moisturize and you’re done.

Fact Checking 4 Beauty Tips From Your Parlour Didi

Myth 2: “Pulling out a grey hair will result in 10 more grey hairs”

This sounds more like a party trick than advice, right? Unfortunately, if boosting your hair growth were that easy, most salons would go out of business quite quickly. Each grey or white hair stems from its individual root, and therefore can only be replaced by one more hair, not two, nor 10. If you’re seeing greys, opt for a touch-up instead or choose a global colour for a bright, new style.

Fact Checking 4 Beauty Tips From Your Parlour Didi

Myth 3: “A facial will help get rid of tan and shrink your pores.”

How many times have you been shamed into a facial because didi felt your pores look too big? The truth is that while a facial is super relaxing, it cannot reverse a tan or reduce the size of your pores. What it does is clean out the grime, dust, and oil that collects in your pores, thereby making your skin feel and look fresher. And, honestly, you can get the same results by applying a good, cleansing, clay mask at home.

Fact Checking 4 Beauty Tips From Your Parlour Didi

Myth 4: “Wearing makeup every day causes pimples”

We are often told to wear less makeup or cut down on chocolates and all other things we love to combat skin breakouts – but not all of it is based in fact. Acne can be caused by multiple factors, from your overall health to hormonal changes and dietary issues. What you choose to apply externally – such as makeup – does not cause acne; and, in fact, a good foundation can even hide older acne scars. Invest in products that suits your skin type and leave your face feeling hydrated and fresh. As long as you remember to cleanse before bedtime, there’s no harm in getting your makeup on every day.

What other myths have you fallen for thanks to your parlour didi’s persuasion skills? Let us know in the comments.

(This is a guest post by Sudarshana Sengupta. The views expressed are the author’s own.)

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