Divya Kakran Wrestles Against Boys in Dangals (Photo - The Quint)

Quint Documentary: Against the Odds, India’s Dangal Queen Reigns

Can 18-year-old wrestler Divya Sain fight misogyny, poverty and casteism to become India’s next Olympic hope?

Divya has defeated her male opponents in over 23 dangals across the country so far. She has also represented India in several international competitions, including the Under-17 Asia Championships. She has a whopping 48 national and international medals to her name.

Watch the full documentary for a peek into Divya’s journey as she battles one obstacle after another to become India’s Dangal Queen.

Additional reporting by Vatsala Singh

Camera: Sanjoy Deb, Adi Prakash

Multimedia Producer: Puneet Bhatia

Footage courtesy: Deepak Ansuia Prasad Bhardwaj