“People need to understand the beauty of our relationship”.

Dear India, Set the LGBTQ Community Free. With Love, a Gay Indian

Dear India,

I live and work in Chandigarh. I am from the LGBTQ community and I’m in a relationship. We share a very deep bond and love each other a lot. But we cannot share our love for each other openly.

We have to behave like friends in public. No one understands that our love is love too. Our relationship is as normal as that of a straight couple. It took me around six years to come out to myself that I am gay.

I want to ask the government to tell us what they’re doing for us. Society hates us and living two lives is very difficult. People need to understand the beauty of our relationship.

Recently, a man from the US married his partner in India. I was thrilled. But the things some people say about them make me worry. Why can't we, the people from the LGBTQ community, live regular lives? Why can't the government step in and spread awareness among the people?

My boyfriend and I plan to settle abroad because we know that no one here will understand us. It is just pathetic. We can't go out on a date, we can't hold each other or cuddle in public. When will we get our freedom?

Best regards,

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