Rajveer and Shivangi. (Photo: AP screengrab)
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#NoBarForPyaar: Rajveer & Shivangi’s Love Story is Everything!

Meet 28-year-old Rajveer, who underwent a sex reassignment surgery so he could marry Shivangi. The two are high-school sweethearts who have been together for a decade now.

"Our families would have not accepted the same sex relationship. Even though I always felt like a man, it was only because of her love and support that I could decide of changing my gender," says Rajveer.

Rajveer was born Maya Saini into a conservative family in Haryana. "Initially my parents took it lightly but as I started growing up they kept reminding me that I was a girl and my life was very different from my two brothers," Rajveer says.

In 2015, Rajveer began taking hormone injections and testosterone pills.

I feel confident now. I love my new identity because this is what I had always wanted to be. I am grateful to my soon-to-be wife for all the support and love.

Video Editor: Mohd Ibrahim

(This story was first published on 6 June 2017 and has been reposted from The Quint’s archives.)

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