The OnePlus buyback program finally comes to India. 

OnePlus is Letting OnePlus 5 Users Upgrade to 5T in India 

OnePlus 5 users, your prayers have finally been heard. OnePlus has finally opened up its buyback program for Indian consumers this week via its online shopping platform.

This program ensures that any existing OnePlus 5 user could sell his/her phone back to the company, get a good value for the device, and invest it back into buying the new OnePlus 5T which was launched in December 2017.

This program from OnePlus is similar to what Apple does in most countries, except for India. But the biggest appeal for OnePlus users must be that they’re getting better value compared to offers by e-shopping portal, as claimed by the brand itself.

OnePlus didn’t give any confirmation about offering buyback programs in the country at the launch event, however, it’s good to see that the brand caters to all its users, even though not many are fans of their six month product cycle, which has happened for two years running.

According to latest Counterpoint report, OnePlus stands only behind Apple in the premium smartphone segment in India, and looks as if the brand wants to strengthen its position with programs like this in the coming years.

So, how does the buyback program work?

OnePlus Buyback Program:

  • Select OnePlus device to return (model, variant etc)
  • Accurately describe the condition of the device
  • You’ll get a price quoted for the OnePlus device
  • Buy the OnePlus 5T and get it delivered after making payment
  • Within 72 hours of the order, an executive will reach you to collect the old model
  • Once the product is cross-checked, your buyback amount will be paid in cash

However, you need to know that the buyback program is only available in over 30 cities like Delhi, Bengaluru, Agra, Indore, Hyderabad, Mumbai and Pune among others.

After checking out the feature, we found out that OnePlus is offering up to Rs 20,500 for a 64GB OnePlus 5 in good condition, while the 128GB variants fetches you up to Rs 21,700.

The OnePlus buyback program can be only availed after he/she buys the other OnePlus phone via its website. 

OnePlus 5T, in comparison to the OP5, gets a bumped-up 18:9 ratio screen, and Face Unlock, which is now trickling down to OP5 users as well. The hardware remains the same, while the camera does see a switch from telephoto to a standard lens with same f/1.7 aperture on both the lenses. The price remains the same too.

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