Koli Seafood Festival. 

In Pics: What the Fish! Salivate Over the Koli Seafood Festival

Once a year, a bumpy open ground at the very end of Versova gaon is spruced up, carpeted and illuminated to welcome lovers of seafood and folk culture at the Koli Seafood Festival in Mumbai.

Koli fisherwomen set up stalls and whip up traditional homemade curries with prawns, bangda (mackerel), surmai, crab, lobster and of course, pomfret with bhakri for the crowds queuing up. All of this is absolutely fresh!

Take a peek:

Food, Glorious Food

Tandoori nights. 
Food of the gods. 
Only fried fresh fish served. 
You can never run out of options at the seafood festival. 
Bombil fry with chutney= Heaven on a plate. 
Tandoor se: A healthy fish option. 
For your eyes only. 
Fresh catch is not a problem for fisherfolk. 
Seafood festival is incomplete without pulav to accompany it. 

Fisherwomen With Superpowers

At the forefront, the seafood festival is mostly run by the fisherwomen who cook, and serve absolutely scrumptious home-made cuisine. Even as the crowds increase in the latter half of the day, these superwomen are at the ready holding a pen and paper with recommendations of what to eat.

Fisherwomen cook traditional recipes that are difficult to find in restaurants. 
Most ladies follow a dress code by adorning sarees of the same colour and design. 
While the food stalls were mostly occupied by the ladies, some fishermen were also at the counter frying and baking fish. 

The festival offers more than just delicious food. There’s entertainment for children with knick-knacks as well as performances by folk dancers.

Sol kadi, made with coconut milk and kokum fruit. 
Decor ideas, anyone? 
Making use of fishnets for decorations. 
It was a busy night for all involved. 
Dil-shaped balloons. 
Fisherwomen run the show at the festival. 
Folk dances and singers are a major attraction at this food festival. 
Knick-knacks for one and all. 

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