One content self and many baskets.

In Photos: The Varanasi of the Ordinary

The word ‘Varanasi’ sparks visions of ghats and sadhus in saffron huddled around places of worship; But as a wanderer in the ancient city, I wanted to document the stories of the individual faces that made up the map of this place — the residents, the daily wage labourers, the beggars — faces that are often forgotten as soon as they are spotted.

Men who carry the burden with smile.
An uneasy sight on a busy street of Varanasi.
Story of balance.
A moment of calm amid the chaos.
Encountering a still hand as the maddening crowd swirls past.
The lens sees all.
Uncommon sight of a commoner.
The thin yellow line divides the frame.
Sleeping under the sun.
The Gods are watching.
Two men pose, one on a poster, one off it – when the old and the new meet. 
Mornings on the Varanasi ghat, 
The shadows of Varanasi.