The Quint has some interesting additions to the world of emoji that we could use in our everyday life.
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Here Are 13 Emojis We Indians Really Need

🌟 We use emojis everyday, so why not celebrate them?🎉

The Quint has some interesting additions that will come in handy. 👍

Curious to see them? Read on.

No Lynching Emoji

In the light of the recent events...

No lynching 

Gaurakshak Emoji

We have so much love for gau mata, so why not have an emoji dedicated to her?

Gaurakshak emoji

On My Period Emoji

BLOODY hell, this is so apt!

Oh My Period!

Roshogolla Emoji

If there can be a rice cake emoji, why can’t we have this?

Yum yum roshogolla

Dosa Emoji

You’re the chutney to my Dosa 😍

Dosa emoji

Golgappa Emoji

Because we Indians absolutely love street food.

Phuchka or Golgappa?

A Rajini ‘Mind It’ Emoji

Need I say more here? 💁‍♀️

Mind it!

Missed Call Emoji

We don’t want to call for everything so... a missed can mean SO many things.

Missed call alert

Indian Bride Emoji

If we can have a Christian bride emoji, so why not this? 🤷

‘Blushing’ Dulhan 

Dengue Emoji

Because this will come in as handy as an 🤦‍♀️ emoji.

Dengue emoji

A ‘Talli’ Emoji

Don’t even dare define a Punjabi without the bottle!

Drunk days emoji

Eid Celebration Emoji

Need this NOW! 😦

Eid Mubarak 

Diwali Emoji

We don’t like the firecracker emoji, so this will make more sense. 😁

Happy Diwali 

Thank you very much! 🙏

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