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Consent is simple. (Photo Courtesy: Project Consent)
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These Animated Genitals Prove That Consent Really Is Simple

A lot has been said over what really constitutes sexual consent. Project Consent, a non-profit volunteer-based campaign has come up with a series of videos and pictures to debunk the myth that consent is complicated to decipher. The campaign is aimed at combating and deconstructing the rape culture – something that can be achieved when people know the meaning and importance of consent.

Project Consent has taken up on itself to tell people what is and isn’t meant by consent.

Animated vagina and penis teaching about consent 

This cheerful dancing vagina and penis teach us a very simple yet important concept of consent. If it is not a yes, it’s no. Period.

To clear the misunderstanding that “it looked like a yes”, Project Consent has made the difference between yes and no very clear.

If it is not a yes, it is a no.

While consent for sex is something that can never be ignored, seeking permission to touch is also important.

Consent is simple

Consent is not at all hard to understand, and by making it direct and free from any metaphors, Project Consent has made its point perfectly clear.

A discussion for consent is never a long one. It is either a yes or a no. Have this little discussion and help prevent the rising rape culture. #ConsentIsSimple.

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