What happens when you receive a wedding invite on WhatsApp?

Shaadi Invite On Whatsapp? Log Kya Kahenge?

The wedding season brings joy to all. Some cherish the fact that they have found someone they want to spend the rest of their lives with, while most others take pleasure in the little things that the shaadi season has to offer. From new clothes, to eating good food, the excitement of the baaratis is at par with that of the bride and the groom (at times, even more).

So, if you are planning to tie the knot this shaadi season, or anytime soon for that matter, throwing a huge party for all the relatives, who are ALWAYS there to support you, in good times and bad (*coughs*), becomes an absolute necessity. After all, khushi baatne se hi to badhti hai!

And god forbid, if you use your grey matter even a little, and do not rip your parents off their life savings and decide on NOT having a big fat Punjabi wedding, all hell will break loose.

The well-wishers who wanted nothing but to be a small part of your big day, will no longer hope and pray for your long and happy marriage. The loved ones will no longer want to congratulate you until they receive their fair share of baadam and mithai.

After all, what does your favourite buaji expect when one of their favourite nieces decides to get married? Just:

1. A hard copy of the invite (no whatsApp please)
2. Lots of consultation before finalising the wedding
3. At least one mithai ka dabba
4. Some gifts to feel the happiness
5. Lastly, some love and affection

It is a huge responsibility you have on your shoulders when you get married, and that is not the one you have towards your partner, but towards your loving rishtedaar!

Editor: Kunal Mehra

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