Kitna rahu, kitna ketu for Virat and Anushka?

Virat-Anushka Ki Kundali: Baba Social Nath Reads Their Stars

Is #Virushka — besides being a popular hashtag on social media — a match made in heaven?

With rumours (do we know, or do we not know?) of their marital union doing the rounds, our social-media-savvy millennial pandit, Baba Social Nath, matched Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma's kundalis (horoscopes) to test their compatibility.

How will they fare on the scale of zero to chhattis guna (thirty-six gunas)? What can be the possible hurdles in their relationship?

Let’s find out.

Virat Ka Mangal

Our millennial pandit, who has been stalking keeping an eye on Virat for years, is well aware that his Mangal (Mars) is bhari (imposing) because of which he has had bouts of anger and frustration.

The situation is so bad that netizens have begun to question, aakhir Albert Pinto Virat Kohli ko gussa kyoon aata hai?

Now, Baba Social Nath doesn’t believe that women are essentially tranquil, but he cannot help but appreciate Anushka’s composed demeanour and devil-may-care attitude. Remember her Koffee With Karan appearance where she was as cool as a cucumber?

Some of it is bound to rub-off on Virat (we hope)!

DJ Shani in the House!

Baba Social Nath says we all dance to one beat, that of Shani (Saturn). He is the DJ whose entry into the (10th) house gets the party started. Initially, his beats might seem turbulent and unfamiliar — you might need to work hard to tackle Shani ka prabhav (Saturn’s effect) — but once you learn to groove to its music, success is bound to follow.

Virat and Anushka definitely have their moves in sync and we are not even talking about the time they burned up the dance floor at Zaheer-Sagarika reception.

Shani favours the pair and why wouldn’t it? Both of them possess immense talent in their respective fields and are cut-out for success.

Two ‘F’s Given

Virat and Anushka do not shy away from giving two ‘F’s to their fans. Relax people, we are talking about fitness and fashion goals!

Baba Social Nath says that as far as health and fitness are concerned, Virat and Anushka score well, irrespective of the position of stars. Virat is already effecting a paradigm shift in Team India’s fitness and Anushka continues to sport a toned body.

For the couple, a great body goes hand-in-hand with a great sense of personal style. Both Virat and Anushka have been rocking their red carpet, ‘forever baarati (wedding guests), and airport looks, to say the least.

No wonder their jodi (pair) is so picture-perfect!

Kitna Rahu, Kitna Ketu?

Now, the question is, kitna Rahu, kitna Ketu? In other words, what can be the possible hurdles for the couple in the long run?

Baba Social Nath says that the only Rahu, at the moment, in Virat and Anushka’s life is the unwanted media attention. Par kya karen (what to do), Virushka teased us with their shaadi ad and we couldn’t hold back!

Another possible hurdle in their relationship (as in all relationships) is patriarchy. Remember the time Anushka was blamed for Virat’s performance in the ICC World Cup 2015? Worry not, Anushka knows how to tackle sexist trolls and how!

Chhattis guna ka toh pata nahin (Don’t know about the kundali-perfect thirty-six) but it is safe to say that Virat and Anushka fare quite well on the #RelationshipGoals scale. They both love dogs and plants, they shop for groceries together, and have each other’s back online and offline.

Is that the wedding shehnai (bells) for Virat and Anushka that we hear in the background?

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