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Chola bhatura is chola bhatura. Alright. 

Bhatura Or...Scallion Bubble Pancake? Say What?

What's in a name? A lot, apparently. Ask the desis who are offended to find out their beloved bhatura has been turned into a ‘scallion bubble pancake’! Although the latter is a fairly common name for bhaturas abroad, a video by US-based food network, ‘Tastemade’ uploaded yesterday has ended up facing desis' collective wrath.

A screengrab of the Tastemade ‘pancake’ video. 

Pancake Pillow, Hmmm...

A screengrab of the Tastemade ‘pancake’ video. 

The video, uploaded about 22 hours ago by the US-based food video network ‘Tastemade’ has provoked incredulous reactions from the Indian community. Here are some samples!

Lesson learnt: Never miss with a desi’s bhatura!