The Faketionary is a dictionary that calls out fake behaviour.

It’s Time You Call out Fake Behaviour & Fastrack’s Got You Covered

We all have that one friend who uses filters excessively and only then shares his pictures on social media. We also know someone who will meet you for lunch and then get so busy uploading food pictures on Instagram, that she’ll barely interact with you. Yes, we all have such friends. But don’t you think at some point you need to call out their fake behaviour and that too without upsetting them? Worry not. Fastrack has got you covered with their Faketionary.

As the name suggests, the Faketionary is a rather cool dictionary that you can use to tell people to #ShutTheFakeUp and the best part is that it’s hilarious AF! Here’s how you can have fun with it. Read on.

You know that one friend who boasts about getting “lucky” every time. Check out what the Faketionary calls such a person.

So the next time he comes to you, you know what to do. Right?

The number of irrelevant hashtags that some people use while chatting can make you cringe. Tag all such people you know below.

Ever felt like telling someone in the gym, “Bro kitne selfies lega? Thodi exercise bhi karle.” Here’s a fun way of doing that.

If you feel that the word you’re looking for is not in the Faketionary, you can even add to it. Sounds fun, innit? We told you.

Now who doesn’t love gifts? Isn’t it annoying then when people promise to get you the best gifts and disappoint you in the end? *heartbreak sound* You can now call such people out.

These days, people are high on online activism. Just keep posting and talking about causes online and do zilch when it comes to walking the talk. Time for you to tell them to #ShutTheFakeUp

And then there’s that person who laughs at even the lamest of jokes. No humour filter whatsoever. Faketionary to the rescue.

Now that you’ve LOL-ed so much, we know that you want to learn more such cool words and even add some of yours to the collection. So what are you waiting for? Head over to the Faketionary and have fun! And while you’re at it, don’t forget to tell your friends about it.

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