A still from Piya Basanti Re.

Have You Ever Watched Part Two of ‘Piya Basanti Re’?

Remember this song from the era of beautiful music videos?

With Nauheed Cyrusi and Donovan Wodehouse, Piya Basanti Re is among the top music albums of its time.

This scene with an aged Wodehouse and the promise of a ‘part two’ meant only one thing.

Remember this last bit about part two? Do you recall watching it?

Part two of the song exists. Ustad Sultan Khan and KS Chithra, Surmayi Aankhen might’ve gotten missed in the pre-YouTube era. But it’s been here all along.

So it’s time we got our closure. Here’s Surmayi Aankhen, the second part of Piya Basanti Re:

Can we bring music videos with background stories and actual soulful music back now, please?

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