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‘S Durga’ to Be Finally Screened at IFFI?

Things might be looking up for Malayalam film S Durga at last. After the Kerala High Court refused to stay a single-judge order to screen a certified copy of the controversy-laden film at the 48th IFFI in Goa, festival director Sunil Tandon has asked filmmaker Sanal Sasidharan to re-submit the film.

Chances are that the film would now be screened at IFFI before the festival closes on Tuesday. Check out Tandon’s official letter to Sasidharan:

A copy of Tandon’s letter to Sasidharan.

In a conversation with The Quint, Sasidharan who was on his way to IFFI Goa, said, “ I have already sent the link and the censor certificate but you never know. But no date or time of the screening has been confirmed yet. It is almost childish now. The government is now challenging a citizen. The ministry thinks that the Ministry is of majority. They are openly declaring a war on people who are making films, they don’t like.”

He went on to say that the government cannot tolerate dissent. “The jury is openly fighting against their decision. The court has passed the order and they are still challenging it. It is like a tug of war between the government and the citizens. They are so adamant. It’s like they believe that it is a government festival and the government can do whatever it likes. I have sent a lot of mails. No explanations. This mindset questions our democracy. What is the point of a constitution? ” he added.

In his message to the I & B Ministry, he asks, “Why this childish attitude towards artists?”

Though he is still not sure about where this would lead, it would doubtlessly be a huge win for Sasidharan, who had moved court challenging the I&B Ministry’s decision to drop S Durga - along with the Marathi film Nude - from IFFI despite being chosen by the jury.

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