A still from the AIB sketch My Friend Revisor.
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This AIB Video Opens Your Eyes & Busts Myths About Homosexuality 

A preachy path seldom drives the message home and satire sometimes can do a great job of imparting wisdom. AIB’s recent sketch, My Friend Revisor set in a hostel is about roomies and friends, called ‘Failure’ and ‘Average’. Failure unwittingly chances upon Average Mishra's closely guarded secret that puts their friendship to test. Watching the video is like unboxing a stack of those vibrant Russian dolls and finding a rich layer at every step.

What’s so woke about the premise? Read between the lines and a discerning mind will find that the sketch deflates widely held false beliefs about homosexuality while also offering a lesson in compassion. All this by subverting popular tropes, not mentioning the word homosexuality itself, and with an agreeable dash of familiar Bollywood references.

Think SRK’s Jab Tak Hai Jaan spiel with a Math twist - Woh Division Ki Lambi Lambi Dashein and Hum ek baar jeete hai, ek baar marte hain aur theory bhi sirf ek baar hi padhte hain.

Coming out is daunting for the LGBTIQ community, especially in a country that still upholds the archaic Section 377 not only because of the possibility of judgement and ostracism from the society but also because it could spell the end of precious friendships.

AIB’s video makes a serious social commentary without employing a holier-than-thou, grimness in its tone. The video also works as an ode to ‘averageness’ in the literal sense.

Here’s looking at the myths it busts for the prejudiced folks and dummies!

It’s Not a Disease, a Phase or an Experiment

It’s Not Something One Becomes, It’s Something One Is

One’s Sexuality Is Not Another’s Concern

The Double Standards of Sexuality

It Is Not Unnatural. Heterosexuals & Homosexuals Can Be Friends

Even Homosexuals Like Heterosexuals Have Their Preferences and ‘Standards’

Homosexuals Are Not out There to ‘Convert’ Heterosexuals. It’s Not Contagious.

So who are you? The Failure who abandons his Average Revisor friend or the topper who is accepting and enlightening? Nothing can debunk stereotypes like metaphors!

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