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Nida Fazli (1938 - 2016) (Photo courtesy: Twitter)

Jukebox: The Profound Truths in Nida Fazli’s Simple Words 

If there were one urdu word to define the feeling that Nida Fazli’s songs swathe us in, it would be Sukoon, loosely translated as soulful tranquility in English. Born into a Kashmiri family as Muqtida Hasan Nida Fazli, he was a contemporary poet who was not only famed for his Hindi film lyrics but also his exquisite nazms that breathed new life in ghazals around1978. His simple words resonated profound truths.

On his second death anniversary, here’s a jukebox of his unforgettable songs, that will reaffirm the verity of some of his lines - Tu Is Tarah Se Meri Zindagi Mein Shaamil Hai, Jahan Bhi Jaaun Ye Lagta Hai Teri Mehfil Hai.