Rakhi  Sawant (left) is ready to fight Honeypreet Singh’s mother in court. Both Honeypreet and Gurmeet Singh are serving prison time.

Rakhi Sawant Gets Defamation Notice From Honeypreet Singh’s Mother

Rakhi Sawant has been sent a Rs 5 crore defamation legal notice from Honeypreet’s mother Asha Taneja. The notice, of which this writer has a copy, accuses Sawant of defaming Honeypreet for cheap publicity by making unsubstantiated allegations against her and her father Gurmeet Singh Ram Rahim Insaan.

If you think the indefatigable Rakhi Sawant is daunted by the defamation notice sent to her by Honeypreet Singh’s mother, think again.

Hitting back hard, Rakhi says:

“This is all planned, not by Honeypreet’s mother, but by her lawyer Momin Malik who is instigating Honeypreet’s mother for money and cheap publicity. His logic for this absurd notice is to get some money for Honeypreet’s mother, whose daughter is in jail, by extracting Rs 5 crore from Rakhi Sawant. But Rakhi Sawant is not a fool. I’ve all the evidence regarding my allegations against Honeypreet and her father and I am going to present it in court. If they are suing me for Rs 5 crore, they’ve to deposit Rs 5 lakh in the court. I am going to sue them for Rs 20 crore and I’ve the Rs 20 lakh ready to be deposited.”
Rakhi Sawant, Actor
A portion of the defamation notice sent to Rakhi Sawant by Honeypreet Singh’s mother.
A portion of the defamation notice sent to Rakhi Sawant by Honeypreet Singh’s mother.
A portion of the defamation notice sent to Rakhi Sawant by Honeypreet Singh’s mother.

Adds Rakhi, “I have not lied at all. The lawyer and Honeypreet’s mother are threatening me unless I apologise. Why should I apologise for telling the truth? Honeypreet did me so much wrong. I have all the evidence against Honeypreet and I could have gone to the cops against her. But I didn’t. Incidents such as these are quite prevalent in the film industry. I thought we’d sort it out between us.”

Then Rakhi launches an attack on Honeypreet’s mother.

“Honeypreet’s mother should be ashamed of herself for trying to extract my hard-earned money from me. Her own daughter is in jail and she is trying to bully other people’s daughters like this? What a shame! Let me tell Honeypreet’s mother that mine is hard-earned money, not ill-gotten wealth from the poor innocent people of Sirsa. I haven’t done the allegedly dirty things that Honeypreet has allegedly done to get her wealth. I’ve slogged hard to get my money and if anyone eyes my money, I’ll smash their eyes.”

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