Alia Bhatt and Katrina Kaif in BFFs With Vogue.

Things We Know About Alia & Katrina, Thanks to ‘BFFs with Vogue’

Katrina Kaif and Alia Bhatt were recently seen together on Neha Dhupia’s TV chat show, BFFs With Vogue. And boy, did these girls reveal a lot! The megastars, in true BFF fashion were seen twinning. The twosome gave us a glimpse into their personal flaws and a whole lot more.

What is that one app that Katrina cannot understand? INSTAGRAM!

The actor admits that she finds it difficult to resize and edit pictures before putting them up on Instagram, and thus texts Alia her queries at 1am.

On the flip side, what is Alia’s personal grievance? She’s bad with spellings!

Spellings, spellings, spellings. That is what keeps Alia up at night. When she tried to spell the word ‘necessity’, all dear Kat could do was roll her eyes and then spell it right.

One thing both actors agreed upon was the fact that they are single, when Neha Dhupia asked them about their relationship status. Alia mentioned that she would like for Kat to get out of the gym and meet some men, while Kat wants Alia to get married before her.

Anger is a funny emotion, and it affects everyone in a different manner. For Katrina, if she just waits for 40 seconds, her anger vanishes, and she doesn’t hold on to a grudge. Maybe Bhai can learn a thing or two from her.

And, to end, here is some poignant life advice from Katrina Kaif.

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